Developer Diary

Don’t Worry It’s Just A “Normal Treasure Chest”

Welcome to the developer diary of creating the “Normal Treasure Chest” Live Spirit! This mimic takes the form of a seemingly harmless treasure chest in the RPG universe, luring unsuspecting adventurers with the promise of loot, only to attack and devour everything in its path. Join us on this journey as we delve into the development process behind bringing this innocent yet formidable foe to life.

Early Sketches: Breathing Life into Stonecoat’s Vision

Our journey begins with early sketches by the talented designer, Stonecoat. Armed with a vision of a pixelated mimic, Stonecoat set out to capture the essence of a treasure chest while infusing it with the mischievous nature of a mimic. From rough pencil sketches to digital drafts, each iteration brought us one step closer to realizing the Treasure Chest’s true form.

Finding a Fitting Appearance: Striking the Perfect Balance

With the foundation laid by the early sketches, our next challenge was to refine the appearance of the Normal Treasure Chest. Balancing its deceptive exterior with its insatiable appetite, we experimented with various styles and color palettes to find the perfect blend of charm and danger. After much deliberation and countless revisions, we finally settled on a design that captured the essence of our mimic antagonist.

Designing Animations: Bringing the Mimic to Life

No mimic would be complete without some signature animations. From opening and closing its lid to lunging forward with gnashing teeth, we spared no effort in designing animations that brought the Normal Treasure Chest to life. Through meticulous pixel-by-pixel animation work, we tried to inject personality into a treasure chest, ensuring that every interaction would look cool and satisfying to watch.

Showcase: Behold the End Result

After a lot of fine-tuning, we are proud to unveil the final result: the Normal Treasure Chest Live Spirit in all its glory. With its charming appearance and deadly nature, this mimic is sure to keep audiences engaged. We can’t wait to see creators implement the Normal Treasure Chest in their livestreams and experience this Live Spirit with all it’s abilities.

And there you have it – the journey of creating the “Normal Treasure Chest” Live Spirit from concept to completion. We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at our development process and look forward to bringing you more exciting creations in the future. Until then, happy streaming!

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