Divine Paladin Dame


Compatible with Twitch

Apply Custom Settings

Fully Animated

100% Hand-Crafted


Press ability buttons

Idle 2
Idle 3
Holy Smash
Righteous Power
Divine Blessing

More Information

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Meet the ‘Divine Paladin Dame’ – a fully animated, female paladin Twitch companion. Her animations react to follows, subscriptions, and more, creating an engaging atmosphere for your viewers. Elevate your stream with this divine stream pet today.

Effortlessly Integrated via Browser Source!

Easily Add Live Spirits to Your Twitch Stream via Browser Source! Elevate Your Stream in Just a Few Clicks!

Assign Animations Freely

Use the Live Spirits Dashboard to freely assign each animation to events like Follows, Subscriptions, Donations and more.

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Customize Your Experience: Personalize Speech Bubbles, Hide Spirits During Downtime, Tailor Event Text, and More!